Hmas Hobart

There have been two ships to carry the name of HMAS Hobart, both served with great distinction during war time and peace time.

The cruiser was launched at Devenport as HMS Apollo on 9th October 1934. She was commissioned as HMAS Hobart on 28th September 1938. At he outbreak of WW2 HMAS Hobart was in Sydney town, she put to sea and patrolled the eastern seaboard, This was followed by a very distinguished wartime career which took her to the Indian ocean, Mediterranean, Red Sea and Pacific.

She featured in the landing of British , Australian and American troops in many theatres of war. Among her many exploits was her ability in AA fire and this earnt her the nickname of the “The Flaming Angel”. Like the ship that took her name the enemy couldn’t sink her and she eventually went to scrap in 1962 after an incredibly distinguished service.

The “Green Ghost”, as she is affectionately known was built by the Defoe Shipbuilding Company in Michigan, USA at the cost of US$45 million. She was commissioned on the 18th December 1965 in Boston USA and decommissioned on the 12th May 2000.HMAS Hobart completed three 6 month tours of duty off the coast of Vietnam in 1967, 1968 and 1970.

A Charles F. Adams class guided missile destroyer, 133.2 m (437 ft) long, 14.3 m (47 ft) beam and a displacement of 4,720 tonnes. Her maximum speed was in excess of 30 knots and manned by 20 officers and 312 crew. She is now her final resting place as an artificial reef and dive site in South Australia.